it's not going to be easy

 We have all been trained to believe that justice is dispensed when someone wins and someone else loses. The belief is that one party must lose, be in the wrong, and pay for their transgressions in order for the ‘winning party’ to be vindicated and for justice to be delivered.

Mediation, on the other hand is based upon the premise that individuals embroiled in dispute should be empowered through a process of self-determination to develop solutions unique and befitting to them. These are our guiding principles at Bridges Mediation Services.

  •    Mediation reduces the stress and anxiety commonly associated with conflict
  •    Mediation is cost effective
  •   Work out a mutually acceptable agreement within a reasonable time frame
  •   Preserve important relationships


Avoid the long drawn out legal battles and the animosity that often accompanies litigation and work out your differences with a new model of communication.

Mediation provides the opportunity to preserve a relationship and often improve upon it, by way of the difficult conversation necessary to establish a new understanding of one another.

If you find yourself in an argument that turns into a major conflict or you are feeling unheard, authenticity and listenmediation provides an alternative approach to resolving your disputes.

Bridges Mediation Services is a conflict management firm serving  Chicago and suburbs, and Central Florida. We specialize in helping organizations and individuals facing conflict, open up and do the hard work involved with finding a unique solution. We provide a safe, supportive environment in which to “lose the masks” and be real with one another. Facilitating an opportunity to speak with your own voice. We provide a process that encourages and supports the active listening and real conversations needed to transform relationships.

Give us a call today … create a radical shift in the way you approach and resolve disputes in your life!  In Chicago 708-308-5005



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